25 Facts About Me

I thought for my fist blog I would jus tell you a bit about me, so…

  1.  I am 15 years old
  2. I live in England although I am not English
  3. I love Art
  4. I have a guinea pig
  5. When I am older I want to move to the US
  6. I love going on holiday but who doesn’t right
  7. Currently I am in Year 11 (yay GCSE)
  8. For almost a year I have wanted to start a blog and here it is
  9. My favourite colour is light turquoise
  10. Sports is not my strong point
  11. Not a fan of school
  12. I love music but can not sing to save my life
  13. I am not good at spelling, reading or anything English related  but I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog. Smart.
  14. When I don’t have to leave the house I will live in my tracksuit bottoms
  15. I pretty much can’t survive without my phone but I guess that is the same for every teenager
  16. My star sign is Leo, not sure what that says about me but…
  17. I wish I could speaker another language
  18. My favourite place to go is Florida because it is just so relaxing
  19. My favourite season is summer because it means no school
  20. If you don’t know me I am really shy, if you do know me I am an absolute werido
  21. I love taking photographs
  22. The most amazing place I have ever been is Iceland and I really want to go back
  23. I hate cream eggs, please don’t hate me
  24. What I am most exited about this year is finishing my exams
  25. My favourite dink is lemonade or hot chocolate ( depending on the season)

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